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Dear authors!

We publish a reviewed journal "European Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical Journal". This journal is open-access, international, cross-industry and accepts high quality research articles. If you are not sure if your article is not of high enough quality, please send it to us and one of our reviewers will review your article in a fast preliminary phase (this is free of charge). Then you will receive suggested changes. You can then resubmit your article and if the quality meets the journal’s standards a full-review process will start.

The scheme of this service is as follows:
  • You send us your article.
  • We do a quick check of your article, determining quality and to see if there is high probability of accepting your article during the full-review process.
  • We will typically inform you  in a few days if the article can be considered for publication under full-review process or not. Therefore you may save some money in case your article will be turned down as being of insufficient quality.
  • If you decide to publish with us and the pre-review was fine than you will be asked to process with payment (you can use standard bank transfer, credit or debit card or PayPal account).
  • Full review process starts. We will communicate with you, sending you suggestions and conclusions from our reviewers. It still may happen the article will be refused, but probability of that happening is rather low.
  • Once the review process is finished and your article is accepted, it will be published in the next volume of the journal.

Please check other pages of our website to see publication requirements and details of the whole process.



January 2011
Starting January, we plan to publish our journals in 2011 at least bimonthly.

February 2011
To proceed with payment you can use standard bank transfer, credit or debit card or PayPal account!

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